"Everybody wants to rule the world," by tears for fears

Cover by lorde

A 1980s original with which I am very familiar, and yet despite the high visibility linked to movies such as the Hunger Games as well as Lorde's international popularity at the time, somehow I missed this 2013 cover until my patron, Simon, shared it with me in 2018.

The best thing about this bombastic, cinematic retelling of an old favorite of mine is that Simon discovered it for the beginning of the first epic (and it fits), and through him I discovered it for the beginning of the second (it still fits).  ^_^ .

Help me to decide

Help me make the most of freedom

And of pleasure

Nothing ever lasts forever.

There's a room where the light will find you

Holding hands while the walls come tumbling down

When they do, I'll be right behind you

"Everybody Wants To Rule The World" performed by Lorde

"sound of silence," by simon and garfunkle.

cover by disturbed

Originally written by a classic American music duo in 1963-64, the cover I am using for this character is specifically the one released by the American metal band Disturbed in 2015. This was the first cover that made me think I'd heard the well-known song new again.  David Draiman has an astonishing voice when he's not doing the unique growl he's known for...and he brings it in this song at just the right moment..  

This song, done this way, works for Lethrix, believe it or not. Aside from the few anachronisms (a subway, for example), it captures a perfect tone for a very long-lived observer of the world, one who sees time pass at a different pace from all the other races, who is alone most of the time, dreaming much of that time, and whose Deep Tomb is avoided even by his own kind.

With his nearest peers being a psionic god in a tomb and the other a manipulative demon queen reaching out from the Abyss, Lethrix is probably the To'vah who is closest to insanity, and embracing it is what keeps him balanced.

"Hello darkness, my old friend
I've come to talk with you again
Because a vision softly creeping
Left its seeds while I was sleeping
And the vision that was planted in my brain
Still remains within the sound of silence

"Sound of Silence," cover by Disturbed (official video)

"Roots" by in this moment

After discovering within this hard rock band's discography the perfect song for Gavin's mother, Ada, ("Whore"), a few years later I found this song that suits so many characters.

Sirana, Gavin, Mourn, Elder D'Shea, Shyntre, Natia, and other characters who had to overcome great obstacles as children, navigating the pain and anger, searching for the self-love and freedom to choose something beyond what their tormenters would make of them. 

I bite down a little harder
My blade’s a little sharper
My roots my roots
Run deep into the hollow
Strike back a little harder
I scream a little louder
My roots my roots
Run deep into the hollow
I’m stronger than I ever knew
I’m strong because of you
I hit back a little louder
Fuck you a little harder
My roots my roots
Run deep into the hollow

"Roots" by In This Moment (official video)

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​EVENTS:  Knowledge of Truth, Breaking of Bonds, Solitude and Sanity, When Love Must Die, Family Roots, and lastly, Where the Light Will Find You

​"Who wants to live forever?" by queen.

cover by collaborating bands aeryon and after forever.

The classic song written by Great Britain's band "Queen" and associated with the cult classic "Highlander." It is performed here as a duet by two collaborating Dutch bands in the early 2000's. 

This particular cover is a tribute to Varessa D'Shea and Headmaster Phaelous and their tragic love which had no safe harbor.

"Who Wants To Live Forever?" performed by Ayeron and After Forever.

"The howling," and "What have you done?" by within temptation

A Dutch rock band begun 1996, to which I was introduced in 2007 but also around where my familiarity ends, as they are still quite active.. Their sound has evolved more over their career than many, perhaps akin to Abney Park in that it changes their identity to some. This particular album has style in common with Evanescence (released around the same time).

These particular entries have a slant of unfairness to it as they are for Krithannia, both her past and future combined, but this is not immediately apparent in Surfacing--only vaguely hinted. I listened to these songs a lot while writing her Bonus Story for patrons at my Patreon page. If nothing else, there are hints in the lyrics of these songs, and the singer could be Krithannia's voice (despite her calm demeanor, she contains great power and great passion).

"The Howling" (minus the chorus)

We've been seeing what you wanted,
Got us cornered right now
Falling asleep from our vanity
May cost us our lives

We've been searching all night long
But there's no trace to be found
It's like they all have just vanished
But I know they're around

The sun is rising
The screams have gone
Too many have fallen
Few still stand tall
Is this the ending
Of what we've begun?
Will we remember
What we've done wrong?

"The Howling" (album recording)

For the second one, it's a strong hint about the connection between Krithannia and the Priest who punished Tamuril. It's pretty clear in the sound.

"What Have You Done?" (album recording)