"radioactive" by imagine dragons

American alternative rock band recently risen to pretty high exposure in the U.S. (2012-2013).

Assassin's Creed "unity"

Historical action/adventure online video game.

This is a particular combination that struck me as I was considering how to present a song for Mourn.  "Radioactive" has been this character's song for me since last year when I first began writing "Surfacing."  I like the coincidence that the band's name suggests exactly what I'm doing, imagining dragons, but I delayed putting this song up here until I had a good way to present a popular--perhaps unsurprising--song for one of the more popular characters in the series.

Mourn fits an archetype needed in most epics and adventure stories, so it doesn't really surprise me that the cinematic trailer for the newest addition to the "Assassin's Creed" franchise shows in glorious action detail just how I imagine Mourn when he's moving among Humans, as well as the "hand behind major events" that is the Guild he has built.

It is a definite "thing" to put "Radioactive" as the soundtrack for almost any Assassin's Creed cinematic action scene (there are many on YouTube, for more than 5 different Assassin's Creed games), but after combing through the entire list, this is the one I liked most and wanted to represent Mourn and his Guild.

In this video, I saw Mourn, with Krithannia and Talov standing beside him and influencing the outcome of various Human conflicts over the 250 years they've been working together.  I also saw a good representation of Reprisal as a team at Manalar, and many of the "technology" effects being used by the assassins in the video could easily be magical spells instead.

So now that I've shown the Manalar part of the story arch (for the most part), it is time to add this song, and this particular video, to the website as a source of inspiration.  "Radioactive" has been a constant song on the playlist for over a year and a half now and it suits Mourn on multiple levels, but now I have one of the best visuals I could hope for to go with it.

"Assassin's Creed Unity, "Radioactive" by Imagine Dragons" 

"Whore" by in this moment

American heavy metal band formed in 2005 in Albany, New York. That's literally all I know about them. NecrosisBob showed me this, and wow, do I owe them for this new song!

Visual from the video:

"In your Hate, I have found God

In your Sin, I have found Love

In your Faith, I have found Forgiveness"

I enjoy both more classic heavy metal from the 70s and early 80s, and even some of the "screaming" metal from some UK/European bands like "Cradle of Filth" and the early "Within Temptation" albums. There aren't too many female screamers, however, and Maria Brink is not only a good one, but also stunning as a heavy metal performer.

In This Moment has also written and produced the perfect song revealing much of the situational and emotional backstory for Gavin's mother, Ada.  It is also a song for the twisted perception of women seen by the Manalar Witch Hunters and priests in the story.  The metal video to this song is disturbing and perverted, and perfect for me to imagine a mostly-mad female necromancer escaped from the slum of the Ma'ab and somehow coming to live with a priest and monk of the Sun God.   I can also imagine this was quite likely how Jacob was viewing Sirana as he was bound in the outbuilding.

Some lyrics for Ada, and  a challenge for every Witch Hunter:

I'm the one that you need and fear

Now that you're hooked, it's all becoming clear

That all your judgments that you placed on me

Was a reflection of discovery

So maybe next time when you cast your stones

From the shadows of the dark unknown

You will crawl up from your hiding place

Take a look in the mirror

See the truth in your face

I am the dirt you created

I am your sinner

I am your whore

But let me tell you something, baby

You love me for everything you hate me for

"Whore," Official Video

"Whore," Full lyrics

"Twisted and broken" by Abney Park

American band formed in 1997, first as a Goth/Industrial band, reinvented in 2005 as probably the best steampunk band to date. However, it is still their earlier songs which tend to fit my fantasy writing and characters.

This song fits Gavin best if you were to remove any sound of regret or mourning, and replace it with a mild, perhaps baffled, curiosity.  With Robert Brown's unique and rather level voice, this actually isn't hard for me to do.  Thoughts of blame only surface in Gavin when he is taken in a rage, which does not happen all that often.

If I am assembled by the sins of my father

If I am created by the actions of my mother

If I was brought into being by a broken machine

How could I come to be here?

Twisted and broken, some of the parts are missing

And I was left alive.

My creators fought, I was left unfinished

And I was left behind.

"Twisted and Broken," Album version

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"The Ends of the earth," assassin's creed 4, "BLack flag" OST

American composer Brian Tyler, also beloved to me for his music for the "Children of Dune" mini-series broadcast in 2003.  

I did not search for a song which fit the path of every character in this series at any point, should they ever chance to look up and see where they might be headed.  I only heard it coming from the Site Elf's computer one day and it held me as if I was looking far off into one of the many horizons on this series.  To the ends of the earth.

Bravo that video games get the opportunity to receive an original score of this quality to go with their stories nowadays. This entire soundtrack is one of the best I've heard.

"The Ends of the Earth," Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag OST  

"Arising hero" by funker vogt

German music project band begun around 1995, known for their "Hero" trilogy and the many, many remixes. "Arising Hero" is the third of the trilogy..

Like a few other artists on this page, I am not intimately familiar with Funker Vogt, but was drawn to this song for my story.  The Site Elf first found and loved the entire trilogy, and in many ways it fits Mourn's long history on the Surface, some of it visible in the story now, much more that is not (or not yet).

There are a ton of "remixes" of this song, one of my favorites by my beloved Faderhead, though the "Club Mix" one that seems to fit best with my writing is not available on YouTube; we purchased it in support of the band. I found another one that's pretty close, though, and the Faderhead version as well is pretty close.

This particular song is primarily speaking of Knight Captain Willven Isboern, the Godblood. But no leader is alone in the middle of a big battle, and the trilogy as a whole can be seen to represent Mourn better.  Despite the large difference of pure experience, Mourn and Isboern are two sides of the same coin in their call to action within the feeling of this song, forming a secondary triangle with Gavin and Auslan on the spiritual side, with Gavin as the connecting link.  What each of them does is going to be affecting all the others, especially now.

You know one of the biggest battles is coming. These are good soundtracks for it.

 "Arising Hero" from Blutzoll Deluxe

"Arising Hero (Faderhead Remix, with sick video) 

"Lecher bitch" by the genitorturers

American hard core punk band, 1990s/early 2000s. Unknown to yours truly until 2013 when this song was used as the opener for "Diamanda Hagan" God-Empress of Haganistan" internet reviews.

This is another female screamer performance that is a lot of fun, and I played this a lot while writing Surfacing Ch 20-21, and 23, the return to Manalar.  Initially the sound (but less the lyrics) worked for Deshi's revenge, but with Ch 23, both the sound and lyrics match much better the Kyton introduced. I just thought it would be fun to share. :) 

I am the Lecher Bitch

and I call on all who feed on danger
Taste of the whore, suffer my seed
Crawl with the heretic

and the world outside gets a little bit stranger
Look in my eyes
Wanna little star fuck and a little good pain

Tell me your story. Don't worry,

I've been there
Crown me your saviour
Don't worry I'll be there

"Lecher Bitch," by Genitorturers