NEcrosisBob: eternal tinkerer

Last updated: May 22, 2016

I've been fortunate to be internet-friends with 'Bob for many years and have seen where his inspirations often take him.  As his name might imply, he prefers the darker, undead variety of fantasy, but this does not limit his ideas as his love of dark fantasy is closely linked with biology. 

I've often thought of him as part-artist/part-scientist, as his clean-line sketches and his writings follow a "Form Equals Function" expectation, even if the function is powered by magic.  The underlying idea is that anything can be understood with enough observation and study.

Much of his work is incorporated with the MIURAG pages for the Background of the world, and he is credited where you see his work. Those items included in the MIURAG pages actually show up in the story.