Above: ‚Äč2018, Gazukull's original characters in their current look: Alia D'Vir and her Barbarian companion, Gazukull, Formerly of the Legion.  A fantasy preggers pic!

GAzukull's 3d tools of the trade

Gazukull is a professional 3D fantasy porn artist and reached out to me as a fan, offering to make up some models inspired by the Red Sister series.  His generosity wooed me and I discovered a laid-back attitude and free-wheeling spirit.  I always recommend his fantasy stories, nasty though they may be! (Which is the point anyway.)  He says he enjoys the work I have given him since..

Under his name you will find loads of fan art, Patreon image requests, and lots of extra goodies he did for fun.  His sense of humor drizzled all over some of them....

Enjoy with our thanks!