As for the next one...I swear I didn't mention anything like this. It just struck Gaz as something that needed to be done.  Really gave Axelotl a good guffaw, as I recall! 

"Ah, I remember the first time I saw Tamuril in the pool....There was this big-ass shark behind her!!"  XD

Likewise, when I asked for the image of Elder D'Shea and Headmaster Phaelous in the Tower, we were discussing whether or not either would be clothed.  We were looking at older male models for Phaelous, but I was open to states of dress.  "He's still an Elf," I said, "even if he's mature, he's not exactly 'lemon party' material."

Later on I got this in my email box. XD  

Above is an earlier "Work In Progress" for the Crossroads Patreon Reward that I showed to NecrosisBob before the background part of the mountain was added in.  NB commented that either Gavin was singing "Slaughter Your World" a la Richard of Looking For Group, or he was calling back to Sirana saying, "You know you're not really hidden, right?"

See Gazukull's good-natured response below. XD

why so serious?

Gazukull would get it in his head to mess around with the images be did for Patreon Rewards.  There are many different versions of any of them as Gaz experimented or was just in a silly mood.  Here are just a few of them, but certainly the ones that stand best on their own.

great GAZZY! look at those  extras!


Last updated May 22, 2016

We will start with a fan comic Gazukull made using his own characters from his hot pR0n stories!   A bit of fourth-wall breaking on his part and immensely flattering on mine!  Sexy Lulz, gotta love 'em.