Patreon Reward #2, March 2015, courtesy of Kevin. Also a surprise, but exactly what Gazukull wanted to do first, given free reign. This is a scene described in Surfacing Chapter 21. I should also note that he coaxed his friend and fellow artist, Jornorinn, to "paint the sploo" for him. Very kind of her, yes? ;) And she did a lovely job.

And finally for May...a request of my own. :) I had just finished Surfacing Ch 26 and wanted an image of Elder D'Shea and Phaelous together.  Challenging, of course, for the male being in the "mature" category as well as the embrace itself. It turned out lovely, though!  Check out the Music Pages for inspiring songs for these two!  HERE and HERE.

But enough of that serious stuff, it's right back into the SPLOO! :D  Gaz also found a decent model for Kerse--although they called it a "shadow demon" when he found it. A bit pale, perhaps, but it definitely works! I actually like the contrast of skin colors here especially with all the playing around with the candlelight. Really fucks with your eyes!

I will note that while this seems to be a direct scene from "Sisterhood" and Sirana's first trial, Kerse actually didn't have 4 arms yet (that came later). However, I loved the image so much, it's so funny, that I don't care. I want the four arms, we're gonna keep 'em! 

Perhaps surprising us all, Gaz also took it upon himself to learn new software in order to be able to apply men's clothing to a female model, and this image of Tamuril and Pilla was the result. The challenge was that there was no "normal" women's fantasy clothing for him to use starting out, it was all "slut wear," as he put it. This is a very sweet and restrained effort, it's beautiful.

Gazukull's rewards for May!  One patron requested Sirana finding the Consort at the "farmer's house" in Subterrane.  So Gaz quickly renamed it "Auslan getting the business...." 

Gaz's September 2015 Reward.   One specifically requested, and Gaz delivered! (NSFW)

Simply titled: Mindfuck. 

Yet far from simple, this one. Gaz spent a lot of time creating the characters and tweaking various things about them. Then the "cave lighting" ended up being surprisingly picky (or maybe that was just me...).

I love this one.  Iethys is the star here, as she should be. I enjoy that she has Dark Elf eyes and hair (if on the grey side), but so much else about her looks Noldor; I love the fact that the bird-Elf has a total of four legs in between hers and holy hotness, she has to hold them wide for that... Not to mention her beautiful tits. If you may recall from the scene itself, they aren't that big when she's awake (her totem's a bird...she's lean), but she wanted big tits for the mindfuck and her generous partners thought, "Why not?" ... ;)   I also love Sirana's hand touching Nioah's and many small details in this image.

For Gaz's July Rewards, he took on Gavin the Necomoancer's Apprentice as his subject.  ..Don't worry, he doesn't get naked. ;)  I loved working with Gaz to get a "human" model for Gavin prior to his transportation, when he was still a bitter ex-monk trying to discover his purpose and his power.  See below!

​For the first image, it's not your eyes, The wierd effect is meant to hint at the Ley Line. Can you find Sirana in the pic...?

Gaz's December Reward, and Gaelan finally makes an appearance!  She looks wicked and hot in this image.

​Gaz wanted a POV shot, this is his indulgence.  Nice and wet and lusty.  The lucky guy is actually Furuc, a shapeshifting Wilder (Iethys's brother), and a real Bear.  Hence the hairy legs and stomach.​  And yet, don't knock it, that is the "smaller" version of his dick!  Fantasy Pr0n FTW!

For Gaz's June Rewards, he was allowed to pick the topic!  He let his mind wander and ended up telling us a bit of a story. He likes Krithannia and Talov, their apparent opposite minsets yet their close comaraderie. He even did some bonus images for patrons that got quite a bit hotter and might come here later... But for now, we have, our two characters in Augran relaxing, and one probably says... "Hey, Do you remember that one time....?"  I will say Talov has a damned cute butt.

gazukull's patreon rewards!


 Sponsored by patrons. See their first rewards here. Future ones have spoilers for the epic, so I won't post them here. His work is to be compiled into a book as well.

​Last updated May 21, 2016 (through March 2015). 

Next Gazukull did his patron rewards for April (and 1 for May), and he wanted to start with some character images of Auranka and Tamuril. There is a reason Auranka has that title and her boobs are so big compared to most Dark Elves...but that was part of the patron's bonus story, as she was the first character voted for that I wrote for them.  But really, all you need to know is: "So how's about looking up one time and seeing THAT above you?!"

Patreon reward #1, March 2015,courtesy of Katie Lilly. This was a surprise for her, and a memory described by one of the characters in Surfacing Chapter 20.

Gaz's January and March Rewards! Sirana and Shyntre having some mage sex in the library inside the Wizard's Tower.

​Both of these are very close to the actual scene in Sufferance Ch 12 and contain some of the banter between these two, and yet Gaz still took artistic license to make their poses True-Blue, Super Smexy Time!  He indulged me well with these. ^__^  Yum!

And for the second, a taste of a comic starring Gavin and his cranky "teacher," Sarilis!  ^_^  Could be a bestseller...