3D-Tamuril after tweaking

G: How about this?

E: Yeah, looks good. Hey, what's that?

G: Raging Feldeu.  For the lulz.

E: Gotcha.


And so Gazukull has his models ready to create his fan art!

He picked Chapter 3.

3D Sirana after some tweaking.

G:  So kind of like this?

E: Works for me.

G: How about Tamuril?

E: Taller.  Long legs.

w00t!  Thanks, G!!!!!  It's Awesome!

Sirana's measurements

Thus the question was proposed to me.  What would I say the numbers were?  Well... I discovered it was probably closer to the "gymnast" 3D model with a few extra muscles than anything else.

gazukull's 3d images

NSFW!  Especially if you visit his tumblr and his BlogSpot. 

He does porn.

Lotsa porn.

Don't look.

Except look down below, it's okay. 

Okay, it's not.

Last update: December, 2014 (but check out his Patreon Rewards and Extras!!)