gazukull's 3d images

NSFW!  Especially if you visit his tumblr and his BlogSpot. 

He does porn.

Lotsa porn.

Don't look.

Except look down below, it's okay. 

Okay, it's not.

Last update: December, 2014 (but check out his Patreon Rewards and Extras!!)

Sirana's measurements

Thus the question was proposed to me.  What would I say the numbers were?  Well... I discovered it was probably closer to the "gymnast" 3D model with a few extra muscles than anything else.

w00t!  Thanks, G!!!!!  It's Awesome!

3D Sirana after some tweaking.

G:  So kind of like this?

E: Works for me.

G: How about Tamuril?

E: Taller.  Long legs.

3D-Tamuril after tweaking

G: How about this?

E: Yeah, looks good. Hey, what's that?

G: Raging Feldeu.  For the lulz.

E: Gotcha.


And so Gazukull has his models ready to create his fan art!

He picked Chapter 3.