named greylord in the series: Nyx

Tundar: mountain and hill dwarves

Surface-dwelling dwarves

Magical: arcane (25%)


Surface-dwelling homo sapiens.

Magical: arcane, divine, druidic, mystic, necromantic, other (8%)

Psionic (1%)

dragons (To'vah)

Council of Wyrms.

Magical: To'vah, First Language (100%)

Quick overview of established fantasy races in Miurag

Initially established fantasy races had been introduced in settings such as Dungeons and Dragons (published by Wizards of the Coast) and PathFinder (Published by Paizo).  For the Sister Seekers series, I've adapted.  In the long tradition of Gamer Homebrew and the collective sandbox of inspiration, this is my "homebrew" world of Miurag.

Within the story's own logic as I grew a continent with a very long history. Below are the main races of the Sister Seekers and God Wars series, which are influencing the story directly. I've added a word or two about what makes them a fantasy race, and to what extent, in my story.

Also a line-up chart crafted by Axelotl to show relative sizes in the story.  Thanks, Axe!

devils of the nine hells

Beings from a plane of lawful, structured fire and brimstone.  Horns and red skin common.

Naulor Pale Elves

Surface-dwelling Elves

Magical: arcane, divine, druidic, mystic, other (100%)

demons of the abyss

Beings from a plane of constant struggle, no order, it is a void of chaos.  Appearances vary greatly.


Thought flayers of an Elder Mind..

Psionic (100%)

Davrin Dark elves

Black skin, white hair, pointy ears,

Magical: arcane, divine, mystic, other (100%)

Tragar: Deepearth

Grey Dwarves

Psionic (25%)


Davrin-demon hybrids

Magical: arcane, demonic (100%)


Greylord and Gavin's Patroness

Commonly known as: The Grey Maiden, The Grave Mother, The Maiden of Shrouds

"I stand upon the crossroads. Past, present, and future are as one to me. My reality is all of time. Life and death, real and unreal. I am the Maiden of the Shrouds, the Grave Mother."

A pale woman standing in an ashen plane, swaddled in grey, tattered shrouds. Her features are elegant and beautiful, save for her eyes...or more exactly, the place where her eyes should be. There are two holes into a black void, the edges of which make it appear like the shattered edge of a mask, even though her face moves and emotes exactly like one made of flesh and blood. Occasionally, obsidian-shelled beetles emerge from these holes.

While Nyx is often worshipped as a demigod or goddess of death, that is not all with which she is involved. She is also tied to birth, rebirth, and prophecy.

Most Greylords are said to be able to glimpse the final moments of the dying and hear their last whispered words. Nyx, however, is said to be able to glimpse the fates of anyone born. If this is true, Nyx has never been generous with her knowledge. While many Greylords have become entrenched in their own petty power struggles or throwing in their lot with the forces of good/evil/law/chaos, Nyx seems to be more concerned with maintaining a balance.

the greylands

as developed by NecrosisBob

~~"What do you know of the Greylands? is the natural pathway through which souls migrate. Like a bridge between ours and various other planes. One does not have to take the bridge to cross a river, but it is often the more chosen and easier path."~~Gavin, "Surfacing"

~~The Greylords are the 'gods' of the Greylands, and they have made pacts over the millennia with true deities, agreements to help guide the souls of those deities' followers through the Greylands and to their home plane. Not all sentient races have a God or Goddess with such a pact, and it is even possible for a living body with a soul to enter the Greylands, though returning back out again is not easy.

At the junction of so many planes of existence, the Greylords have an ungodly amount of access to everything in this universe. This leads to the question, why haven't they taken over all those other planes? While the obvious answer might be that the Gods are simply more powerful, that would lead to the question of why the Gods haven't wiped out the Greylords.

One truth is that Gods who step into the Greylands become weakened as they are touched by mortality, thus the Greylands are the one place any God could be slain.

Another truth is that, despite their power, the Greylords cannot leave their plane. They are able to influence and extend fractions of their power across the planes to the proper conduits, but they aren't capable the same feats as a God, often requiring a God's aid to even manage a fraction of such influence that a God gleans from its followers.

The final truth, perhaps, is much simpler: they are their own worst enemies. Unlike true Gods that exist on their own separate planes from each other, all the Greylords dwell upon the same plane. While a Greylord can be killed and is vulnerable to silver and 'holy' powers, it is uncertain how to permanently destroy one. Thus, the Greylords seem to always have been, and always will be present, squabbling and bartering for their own power at a nexus surrounded by Gods.  

Races, groups and affiliations, etc.


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