bonus greeting cards!

2013-2015  NSFW!

Axe didn't know it, but I got this when I was really sick in December 2013 and so frustrated at how it held me back from writing.  It made me laugh and is probably the best XXXmas card I have ever received. 

surprise DeL axe.

Lasted updated May 22, 2016

may 4, 2016. the cutest dark lord you've ever seen.

The Red Sith-ter, by Axelotl

moar Extras!​

The natural result when everyone has to get naked in this story.... 

Fortunately not sick in 2014, but I still got my Drow Xmas card!

2015: the Tradition continues!  Now she has a name.  Meet Chrissy: sexy, playful, horny, and ready to ride Santa's North Pole!

Axelotl's Red Sister wallpaper

I've considered before that I don't really have a firm face in my mind for Sirana or any of the other characters beyond the essential description.  Even when I describe expressions, an ear shape or a "Classic" look and try to put it together....the exact face is malleable and I'm still okay with an artist's interpretation.  I figure the reader or the artist fills in the holes on their own with those features they find most familiar and comfortable, and I am pleased first by the fact that an effort was made to create an image in the first place. 

To be clear, what I mean is that this is not the "official" face of Sirana.  But it is an image of a Drow who could be Sirana, if you want it to be.  If not, it's still a damned fine image and a nice bit of wallpaper for a change in scenery.

So, as a gift to everyone and celebrating the passing of 1 Million Words and 2,500 pages of our story, check it out, download it if you want, use it if you like it.  Thank you, Axe!