Axelotl's February Reward: the Ley Line Tower, per the request of Tydriel.  Much trickier this one, as I mostly just describe a dwarven tower "built into a mountain" (as there is a whole lot more belowground that we can't see) and a gate leading into a courtyard at the end of a run-down, rocky and ill-maintained road.​​ In this one, Sarilis has already pretty much killed everything.

Later on when Tamuril shows what she can do for the fertility of the land...Axelotl looked a little bit ahead and imagined what that might look like.  So, like V'Gedra, also a bit of "before" and "after".

Axe took two months to finish this one for all it's detail, and it was a specific request from Dark Pulse.  Many liken my story to a chess game with the pieces moving around, and that's what he wanted to see.

We talked about this one a lot, and Axe's instincts are spot on to what I described. Almost pure symbolism for the overarching background to the story, but I love just gazing at it.

The second January Reward from Axelotl!  Tydriel gave us a quote from Edmund Burke which spoke well of the Godblood as the compassionate but determined paladin.  This is our first image of Willven, and not only is his armor stunning but, for me, Axe managed a fighter ready to protect and die if necessary, but still conveying a softened face, like he's all to aware of the consequences of war.  

Patreon Rewards January 2016.  Dark Pulse wanted V'Gedra.  Stunning many patrons, that is exactly what we got, both before and after.

axelotl's Patreon Rewards


Last updated May 22, 2016

​February 2018: Axelotl's artwork has been compiled into a book for Etaski's Patreon. 

Many of these are specific requests from a sponsoring patron at Patreon, and some are what Axe came up with when challenged to pick his own theme.

​In this collection, Axe in many ways stepped up his game and expanded his resources, further developing his style.