Axelotl's June Reward: Innathi.  This one was Axe's choice as the sponsoring patron gave him free rein!  The author, the patron, and the other viewers were impressed and pleased...and, as DeathandTaxes commented, probably "staring at that giant pierced wang for like twenty minutes..."

The April and May Patron Rewards from Axelotl!  They were both specific requests from Dark Pulse, and it turns out Axe has quite some skill with doing commissions when not poking around with dragon penises... ;-)

Really, Axe, we love these! They are images that one should just take the time to absorb. Thank you.

axelotl's Patreon Rewards


Last updated March 13, 2016 (through December 2015 Rewards)

Many of these are specific requests from a sponsoring patron at Patreon, and some are what Axe came up with when challenged to pick his own theme. 

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