D'awwww, they're cute!

from "Sufferance"

Jaunda is one of Axelotl's all-time favorite characters in the story. He made this in her honor.

Thinking on it, iIf Annie Lennox was more muscular and just a little "rougher" around the edges, she'd work quite well as a model for this Lead Red Sister!  Good luck getting the song out of your head, if you recognize it. ;) Curse you, Axe!

Goddamn nightmares...this is based on a real creature, too!

(Worth noting that this is actually Panagan, the archer, in this shot... I love it, though.) 

I love froggies.

From "Sisterhood"

from "surfacing"

Holy shit, Axe...!! O.O  He just woke up and we didn't bring any treasure!  RUN!!

axelotl's demotivationals

NSFW Gifts from a smartass Aussie


Last updated March 2015 (but check out his Patreon Rewards and Extras!!!)

So, I think Axe sent me these to remind me that nothing I do is so serious that I can't guffaw at my own work now and again.  

He  also made the Red Sister website logo, too. Nice, don'tcha think?

And we ain't seen the half of it yet!

I always liked Beauty and the Beast. 

First one to hit my inbox. Cue the giggles every time my hubby says "Netherhole." So much for being sultry...but it's still better than "sphincter".  Most of the time.

Hey, sometimes you get stage fright your first time...


Ahem. This was my first commissioned piece to celebrate my Patreon page. :) I love it. His best work yet.

From "Subterrane"