Sammael bard

Author, Artist, Map-Maker

Yet, you'll find no songs among Bard's work. ;) 

Bard is a gifted sketch and graphic artist, as well as a writer (NSFW) 

This wonderful man gave my surface map of Miurag  a much-needed update and makeover!

I answered a beta-read request on Literotica.  Bard was looking for someone familiar with the fantasy genre for a non-erotic project and had an intriguing question about sword-fighting in an arena.   I look forward to his book being completed

Working title: "Heir to the Throne" (Read Ch 1-4 here!)

eris adderly

aka Death & Taxes

Subversive romance is her specialty.  Eris is also my book cover designer for the "Sister Seeker" books!

​ Death & Taxes publishes under Eris Adderly 

Her fantastic stories are highly recommended.  Never half-assed, always well-researched, sassy and with comedic turns of phrase lurking in the text, which cause endorphin-spikes in those of us who enjoy such word-smithing.  


Professional 3D Porn Artist at Affect3Dstore with smexy artist pages at SLUSHE (NSFW), Twitter (NSFW), plus a glorious and entertaining Sister Seekers Artist at Patreon!

Specializes in Big Boobies, sexy Dark Elves, vampire Pirate Queens playing Strip-BlackJack, fantasy dating sims, mermaids, naked fairies, and the occasional female Dwarf.

Fantasy smut with humor drizzled all over it. where the ridiculous is cherished and the serious takes a number.


Tales of Rogues and Wenches

The earliest Red Sister stories are posted at this website as well with the author's permission.

Interested in more free "Sword and Sorcery" erotic fiction and artwork? How about a brand-new tavern to hang out as your favorite character?

Serving the fantasy and RPG community since 1996.


Game-fluff writer, costume crafter, and DeviantArt doodler. Also Sister Seekers Artist and major World-Contributor at Patreon!


Used to bitterly cold winters.  Tends to favor brainstorming high setting details and creating organic, original concepts for almost anything having to do with bones and dead bodies.  This guy has enough ideas to fill a library of custom sourcebooks.  We have one already.


Author and graphic design artist, publishing free Sci-Fi & Fantasy stories at and a defining Sister Seekers Artist at Patreon!


"No-worries" kinda guy. Tends to favor writing bawdy or shocking (and often both) sexy stories, and has particular fun with making his own Demotivational Posters of silly or serious nature.  He also makes a damned fine logo and will always warn you about the drop bears.

A.S. Etaski

Now on Amazon and BookBub and Good Reads

Fantasy and Sci-Fi Author publishing free stories at and offering perks at Patreon!

Frank and sexual storyweaver.  Favors writing long, character- and plot-driven stories, where actions, impulses, assumptions, and sometimes just having sex will reveal consequences far beyond what any character could see in the moment.  So. Many. Books!


Etaski's supportive sweetie, experienced Game Master, and chatting companion.

Likes to cuddle.  Tends to favor being a generous soundboard for plot points and character choices, and loves helping to build new worlds from the ground up.