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a special thank you to

the donators of this site

December 21, 2014

To each of you who have offered a gift in support of this site and this story, you have my sincere and heart-felt gratitude. 

You all have given enough to pay for the hosting of this website for the next two years, and with more to compensate my good friend, NecrosisBob, for the time he has spent at my request making art and creating background for the Greylands.   There is even a bit left and I've decided to keep it in trust to pay an editor in the future to help me prepare an e-release of the Red Sister series. Related, I have closed the donation button here since the website is well supported, and have now opened an Etaski Patreon page for this project as a whole, with new ideas which I can offer to patrons as immediate thanks for their support of a long-term goal of mine. However, without your good will, I doubt I would have realized what else I could do in return.

To my first donators, these are the tangible "good works" for which your donations provided since it opened in February, and you can trust that every cent given has been and will be invested back into the Red Sister project directly. Donators will also be rewarded with the first book of the series when it is finally made available.  The text of the first book will be expanded well beyond what you see on Literotica! 

I am in awe of your generosity and support, and I thank you so very much.